How it all works...

When you sign up for the full Stress Management Programme for six weeks you will have access to me, your Stress Management Coach, who will spend time with you each session discussing your issues and working together to resolve your problems.


At every session , for the 6 weeks programme, we will arrange to speak via Skype/FaceTime or telephone, at a time that’s convenient to us both. At the end of every session you will be given homework, don’t worry I will have plenty of homework too, mine being to analyse each session using my knowledge and experience to formulate a plan to assist you.

Each session you will also be emailed some free useful resources for you to keep, you may even want to print them out for reference if you wish to.

Each session and what you can expect:


FREE Programme Trial ( sign-up using form below) - Session 1 - Introduction, where we will get to know each other and discuss your stress related issue via Email, you will then receive access to the password protected self assessment forms, and FREE info graphics to get you started : What is Stress and 10 Steps to control stress . 

Session 2 – 60 minutes Skype/Face-Time. Emotional Issues & CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) homework exercise forms related to your personal stress.  Resources given. Plus receive your FREE gift - relaxation audio. Practice in your own time and used in session 5 Stress Management Programme.

Session 3 – 60 minutes Skype/Face-Time. Responses to stress. Goal setting and what you want to achieve.  Home work and resources given.

Session 4 – 60 minutes Skype/Face-Time. Your Lifestyle, Nutrition & taking care of yourself. Self Assessment and resource given.

Session 5 – 60 minutes Skype/Face-Time. Relaxation & Affirmations. Resources given.

Session 6- 60 minutes Skype/Face-Time. Final session, discuss how the programme has benefited you now and in the future. Resources given. 


Checking in- After completing the Stress Management Programme I will arrange to check your progress, and your feedback on the process. This will take place via a free 30 minute Skype or face time session two weeks after the programme has been completed.

Please note that all sessions times are flexible in the respect of the clients presentation, extended sessions may be available within the programme at no extra costs

In the event of extra sessions being needed a discount is applied

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