The Stress Management Programme is a comprehensive, holistic approach to dealing with everyday life stressors using a self help training style delivered by myself, a highly knowledgeable, experienced and professional Life Coach. Step by step i will support you as you gain the skills you need to combat stress.

The 6 session programme can be the solution if:

  • Stress is taking over your life and you need to find ways to cope and manage

  • You want to understand the root cause of your anxiety and stress

  • You want to look further at your personality and your way of thinking

  • You want to build your confidence and self esteem

  • You are seeking ways to improve your work and life balance

  • You want to develop a flexible attitude

  • You want to learn ways to relax and relieve the daily pressures of life

FREE gift - Relaxation audio received when purchasing full course or installments.

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The programme has been created based upon my academic knowledge, personal and life experience using techniques and skills i have been trained to use with clients. Part of the contents of material and information has been referenced from Life Skills (advanced) Diploma lessons, in particular " Stress and Anger Management Coaching". Much of the information and pages of both text and handouts are taken directly from a previous publication ( by the same author), which won a 2003 award of clinical excellence and the information within is used by therapists in professional practice in a number of countries. 

Stress Management Programme
Stress Management Programme
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