About Me...


It all started when…

I was a child. From as far back as i can remember i was anxious. 

I was frightened of the world, people, i felt as though i was going to be harmed by them. The only things i could trust were my animals. 

I disliked school and really struggled to concentrate. Mainly because i was so anxious all the time, i could not focus on learning. I managed to get through it , only as i had a love for Art and Drama, which kept my interest and satisfy my overactive, creative mind. 

I became self employed at the young age of 16 as a Freelance Greeting Card Artist, and spent everyday of my work feeling anxious and stressed from the pressure that came with working in a competitive industry. At 18 i fell pregnant, i was working full time and returned to work after having my daughter. 

At 19 i suffered severe depression, my weight plummeted to just 7 stone, i could not eat, sleep or function. I was so low professionals wanted to section me.

After 18 months i started to get better, i needed medication and received therapy. Picking myself up i still struggled again due to abuse and further traumas in my life, including a divorce .

I turned to drinking and over the counter painkillers as a means to self medicate from the pain i felt through surviving the abuse, and then suffering from Post Traumatic Stress .

At some of my lowest points , i felt i could not go on. I drank so hard that one evening i collapsed, almost choking on my own vomit.

It took me until i reached the age of 30 to begin to understand myself, and why i had always felt the way i did, and start to piece together my past. And realise that i could not continue on the path i was on.

It was then that i embarked on studying. The only way i could study was through distance learning, as i had 2 children from my previous marriage, one on the way, plus i could not cope with attending any colleges due to my anxiety and social disorder. 

I took myself from having an Art and Drama GCSE to gaining 2 Level 3 qualifications, and then onto a Level 4 in Counselling and Psychotherapy and finally qualifying as a Life Skills Coach at a further advanced level 4 qualification. All this studying took over 7 years to complete.

The knowledge i gained helped me on a personal level, it helped me to understand myself, and start to piece together my whole life. I was self helping.

During the time i was studying, i was a full time mother, it's then that life decided to throw me more curve balls. Testing me further. 

My youngest son was diagnosed as Autistic and learning disabled at the very late age of 8, after many years of battling with the system to get answers. Through the is difficult period i decided to turn it into something positive and after many years of further hard work i created, along with my partner, a registered charity for disabled children and adults. I certainly do not do things by half.

The charity is one of my most proudest achievements, and helping others has been very therapeutic. I am so busy at times i do not got time to think about my anxiety issues, and the daily troubles our own family faces. 

I have taken all the life experience i have been through, all my ways of coping, my academic knowledge to create the Stress Management Programme i offer to people today, who may be overwhelmed, suffering for many different reasons and whose lives are stressful too.

Life these days is so fast paced and there is little time to stop and think. I believe that you should never give up, no matter what happens in your life. There are always choices in every situation.

You must believe in yourself and your capabilities, i did. 

Now, and everyday i remind myself of how far i have come, and find the determination to carry on. Now i can help other people to gain the tools they need to face life and the future using everything i have to give. Maybe i will be able to help you?

Aside from the Stress Management Programme I also offer additional one to one Coaching through Skype or face to face. 

As part of CPD i have studied a Mindfulness Diploma - Mindfulness Practitioner level. Through the knowledge and techniques i have learned i have created a Mindfulness group for people to meet, learn and benefit from regular practice. Please click here for further details on the Mindfulness group.

Harriet Piercy MAC, S.A.C.Dip. ( Life Skills Coaching - Advanced), S.A.C Dip. (Anatomy & Physiology) ,

Mindfulness Practitioner